French Explorer and Botanist

On this day in 1773, French explorer and botanist Aimé Bonpland was born. 

Bonpland had traveled with Alexander von Humboldt in Latin America for five years - from 1799-1804, collecting & classifying 6,000 new plants. He co-authored many books about his discoveries.
One of his journal entries says this:

"We just arrived in a town where the locals invited us to eat a dish called enchiladas. When I tried it, my tongue burned, and I started to sweat. I was told that this feeling is due to a fruit called "chili." I have to analyze it ..."

And here's a little trivia about Bonpland: When Napolean's wife Josephine died, Bonpland was present at her deathbed.

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Aimé Bonpland
Aimé Bonpland

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