Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach


Today is the birthday of the orchidologist Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach.

The orchidologist Frederick Sander wrote a masterpiece on every variety of orchid, and he named it Reichenbachia in honor of Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach.
In 1882, Heinrich honored Sanders by naming the “Queen of Philippine Orchids” after Sanders - naming it the Vanda Sanderiana, which the locals call the waling-waling orchid. The waling-waling is considered one of the rarest, most beautiful, and most expensive orchid, and it is also one of the largest species of orchids in the world.
Heinrich’s father was also a botanist, and Heinrich grew up helping his father with his work.  Heinrich grew up fully appreciating the competitive aspects of the flower business. During his lifetime, Heinrich was one of the top orchid collectors in the world. Heinrich named more orchids than any other person, and in his will, he asked that his herbarium be closed for 25 years to protect his work from his competitors.

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Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach
Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach

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