Nicholas Culpeper

Culpeper's Herbal

Today is the anniversary of the death of the English physician, botanist, and herbalist Nicholas Culpeper.
Culpepper was a non-conformist, and he was also a business owner.  Ten years before his death, he found a spot in East London and open the doors to his own apothecary. Culpeper catered to the needs of the people. He took medical books that were written mainly in Latin and translated them into English. the masses were grateful. The medical community wasn't excited about this, and neither were the universities that had a monopoly on training doctors and holding medical information for their paying students.
Culpeper wrote one of the first books about the medicinal use of herbs. It was comprehensive and helpful, and for years, it was a sought-after resource. The book was initially known as the English physician, but in the ensuing years, it became known as The Complete Herbal or Culpeper's Herbal. For each herb and plant he featured, Culpeper provided both the Latin and the common name. He also told people where to find the plant, when it flowered, the astrological connections, and how the plant could be used medicinally. Culpeper provided this information for almost 400 different herbs and plants - and in so doing, he revolutionized the medical world.  

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Nicholas Culpeper
Nicholas Culpeper

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