Floral Clock

The Time of Blossoming

May 27, 1873
On this day, out of Pratt’s Junction, Massachusetts, there was a detailed post about how to make a floral clock.

“Please tell the girls if they think country life dull... they can pass many happy hours… studying the plants about them. 
I saw it stated that Linnaeus had what he termed a floral clock, and a few of the flowers forming it were given with their time of blossoming: Yellow Goat's Beard, 3 a.m. 
Chicory, 4 a.m.
Sow Thistle, 5 a.m.
Dandelion, 6 a.m. ; 
Lettuce and White Water Lily, 7 a.m. 
Pimpernel, 8 a.m. 
Field Marigold, 9 a.m. 

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Floral Clock
Floral Clock

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