Gustav Leopold Miller

The Brush-Weeder

Today is the birthday of Gustav Leopold Miller, born in 1884, on this day, in Henry, Illinois. He always went by Gus.
Gus' claim to fame was the invention of the brush weeder. It was described in the Daily Times out of Davenport, Iowa in 1918:

"It's composed of two brushes– whisk brooms in reality. The brushes are placed directly ahead of the principal shovels of the cultivator, felling the weeds about the corn plant...
And as the weeds are laid low, they are covered with earth which is thrown up by the shovels.
Miller donated the first weeder to the Red Cross and at a recent auction, sold one for the price of $60 Which is about 12 times the cost for which it will be retailed."

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Gus L Miller
Gustav Leopold Miller
Gustav Leopold Miller

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