Hugh Algernon Weddell

South American Flora

It's the anniversary of the death of the physician and botanist Hugh Algernon Weddell, who died on this day in 1877.

 Weddell specialized in South American flora, and he collected specimens there for five years.
Before he left Paris, Weddell was asked to look into the Cinchona, or "fever bark" tree. Cinchona is the source of quinine.
Weddell did the job. He found multiple regions where the tree grew. Also, he discovered fifteen species of the genus Cinchona (Rubiaceae). Weddell returned to Paris with the seeds, and they were germinated in the botanical garden there. Weddell's seeds helped establish the Cinchona forests that were brought to Java and other islands in the East Indies.

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Hugh Algernon Weddell
Hugh Algernon Weddell

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