Elias Magnus Friesz

The Happy Botanist

Today is the birthday of the botanist Elias Magnus Friesz, who is born on this day in Sweden.
Now, the area where Elias grew up in Sweden was rich in fungi, and as luck would have it, his father was a self-taught botanist. Put those two things together, and it's no wonder Elias developed a lifelong interest in mycology.
In fact, Elias developed the first system that was used to classify fungi, so we remember him for that.
If you Google Elias Friesz, you'll see there's a wonderful picture of him as an octogenarian. If you're a Harry Potter fan, Elias looks like he could've been Dumbledore's best friend.
Elias was a happy botanist, and he worked tirelessly until the day he died in February 1878.

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Elias Magnus Friesz
Elias Magnus Friesz

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