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Apples and Poems

Today is the birthday of the Norwegian poet and gardener Olav Hauge.

Olav was a trained horticulturist and fruit grower. Olav earned a living as a professional gardener. When he wasn't writing poetry, he could be found working in his apple orchard - he had 70 apple trees.
Here's my translation of one of Olav's more famous poems in his home country of Norway; it's about a garden cat.

The cat sits in the yard.
When you come,
Talk to the cat a little.
He is the one who is in charge of the garden.

And here's another famous poem for Olav fans:

Don't come to me with the entire truth.
Don't bring me the ocean if I feel thirsty,
nor heaven if I ask for light;
but bring a hint, some dew, a particle,
as birds carry only drops away from water,
and the wind a grain of salt.

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Olav Hauge
Olav Hauge

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