Gilbert L. Campbell

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November 12, 1972  
On this day The Greenville News shared an article called Orchidist Finds Hobby Versatile.
The orchidologist was Gilbert L. Campbell.

During six years of collecting, Gilbert amassed more than 300 plants - in addition to a library of orchid reference materials.

Orchid lovers can grow orchids all year long indoors in their homes. When Gilbert’s passion outgrew his house, he built a greenhouse and in a short time, he built a second greenhouse.
Gilbert said,

"Some orchidologists do grow their flowers in their homes... [but I advise against it. 
Growing an orchid is like being a fisherman. 'Some fishermen may be content to sit on the bank and fish, but most want to get out in a boat on the lake. 
It's a lot easier to grow orchids in a greenhouse [due to temperature and humidity control]”

As for why Gilbert had two greenhouses, his answer was simple: the cool greenhouse was for cymbidium orchids and the “medium” temp house was for the cattleyas. To show how significant the role temperature plays in growing orchids, the difference in temp between Gilbert’s two greenhouses was about 10 degrees. Gilbert reported that,

“A medium house has a minimum temperature of 55 to 60 degrees and a cool house has a minimum of 45-50 degrees.”

Finally, Gilbert advises plenty of fresh air. Gilbert’s orchids are moved outside in summer and on balmy days throughout the winter. Gilbert says:

"Orchids, like people, do best in a spring-like fresh-feeling atmosphere… Beginners should start with a few mature plants. 
Orchids like dry roots, so they should be watered thoroughly, then allowed to dry out."

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Gilbert L. Campbell
Gilbert L. Campbell

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