Mary Pickford

America's Sweetheart

April 8, 1892
Today is the birthday of America's sweetheart, Hollywood legend, and lover of trees, Mary Pickford, born Gladys Marie Smith.

Jump on Twitter, search for “Mary Pickford Tree,” and you’ll see images of Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford planting a tree at their PickFair estate. #ArborDay
Mary Pickford was the first to plant a tree, a Japanese cedar, in the Forest of Fame at the California Botanic Garden.

Trivia/Folklore says that Mary Pickford used to eat Flowers - especially roses. Thought that they'd make her beautiful, and they did,
Katie Melua sang a song called Mary Pickford which starts,

"Mary Pickford
Used to eat roses
Thinking they'd make her Beautiful,
and they did- 
One supposes."

Apparently, Mary did indeed use to eat roses to make herself look more beautiful.
Mary Pickford reveals in her autobiography, Sunshine and Shadowthat as a young girl living in Toronto, she would buy a single rose and eat the petals, believing the beauty, color, and perfume would somehow get inside her.
Mary also gifted leading man John Gilbert a bench for his garden.
It was Mary Pickford who said,

"I do not cry easily when seeing a picture, but after seeing [Charles Chaplin's] A Woman of Paris: A Drama of Fate (1923), I was all choked up - I wanted to go out in the garden and have it out by myself. Our cook felt the same way."

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Mary Pickford
Mary Pickford

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