Brian Lawrence Burt

Bill the Botanist

It's the death day of Brian Lawrence Burt, who went by "Bill."

He died in 2008. He was an English botanist and taxonomist noted for his contributions to the family Gesneriaceae, the family that Includes African violets.
When Burt started going on and plant expeditions in 1951, the Gesneriaceae family was poorly represented. Thanks to Burt's work, Edinburgh became the hub for the family. It led to the popularity in England of both the African violet and the Streptocarpus. Both became beloved windowsill plants.
If you look online, you will see a picture of Bill Burt, standing In a forest in South Africa on one of his botanizing trips.
In his hands, he is holding a very large Streptocarpus grandis leaf that looks to be about 4-feet tall.

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Brian Lawrence Burt
Brian Lawrence Burt

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