Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker

Adventurous and Active

It was on this day in 1910 that the Allentown Democrat out of Allentown PA reported that Joseph Hooker was 93 years old.

"Sir Joseph Hooker, the world-famous botanist, received a personal note of congratulations from King George today on the occasion of his ninety-third birthday.
Sir Joseph, who is still remarkably active for a man of his great age, has had a long and brilliant career in his chosen field of science.
As early as 1839 he accompanied the expedition of Sir James Ross to the Antarctic region.
Later he conducted scientific expeditions to many parts of the world including Eastern Bengal, the Himalayas, the Khasia Mountains, Morocco and the Greater Atlas, New Zealand Ceylon, California and the Rocky Mountain region of North America.
In the course of his active career he rendered invaluable services to the British arts, manufactures and commerce by promoting an accurate knowledge of the floras and economic vegetable products of the various colonies and dependencies of the empire."

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Joseph Hooker
Joseph Hooker

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