Lewis and Clark


 Today, in 1805, the Lewis and Clark expedition was near the Narrows of the Columbia River when the serviceberry was discovered.

Serviceberry is available in several different species.
There’s a beautiful graphic showing the different types of serviceberry featured on the spruce.com. I'll share a link to that in today's show notes.
Serviceberries are a member of the Rose family. Now that you know that, you’ll be able to recognize the family resemblance the next time you see one.
Serviceberry is primarily prized for its four-season interest: you get beautiful blossoms in the spring, fruits in the summer, fantastic autumn color, and unusual bark coloration in the wintertime.
The Maryland Department of Resources says that the etymology of the name serviceberry comes from church services which resumed around Easter time. People used to say that when the serviceberries were in flower, the ground had thawed enough to dig a grave.

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Lewis and Clark
Lewis and Clark

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