Peter Barr

The Daffodil King

Today is the anniversary of the death of the Scottish horticulturist known as "The Daffodil King, Peter Barr, who died on this day at the age of 84 years old in 1909.

Since Queen Victoria was not a fan of daffodils, Barr had much to overcome. At his home in Surrey, he bred over 2 million daffodils. Not surprisingly, people would travel from all around to see the spring profusion of 120 separate daffodil varieties at Barr's nursery. Over time, Barr earned the moniker "The Daffodil King," and he is credited as the man who popularized the daffodil. At one point, the Peter Barr daffodil - a white trumpet variety - commanded $250 a bulb.
When Barr retired, he went to Scotland and grew primroses.
Two years before his death, Barr mused,

"I wonder who will plant my grave with primroses?"
When Barr died, his obituary stated he was known from "one end of Great Britain to the other."

After Barr's death, the Royal Horticultural Society has awarded the Peter Barr Memorial Cup for excellence in daffodils.
Today, In about five days, there will be a Grand Plaque Unveiling at Barr's English home celebrating The Daffodil King, Peter Barr.


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Peter Barr
Peter Barr

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