Francis Darwin

A Legacy of Darwin

 Today is the birthday of the third son of Charles Darwin, Francis Darwin - known to his family as Frank.

In 1887, Frank shared a portrait of his father in a book called life and letters of Charles Darwin. The letters revealed Darwin's fluid prose and clarity. Frank said that correcting his father's proof sheets made him a better writer.
There's no doubt. Frank had been taught by a master teacher and, in turn, he became a teacher as well. At Cambridge, he taught students of pure science and medicine.
Frank Darwin received many honors during his lifetime, including the President of the British Association in the 1908-1909 year.
In 1913, he was knighted by the Queen.
It was Frank Darwin who said,

“The personal effect of teacher on pupil cannot be bought at a price, nor can it be paid for in any coin but gratitude. It is the possibility of earning this payment that makes the best part of a teacher's life."

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Francis Darwin
Francis Darwin

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