William Henry Chapman

Symbolism of Trees

Today is the anniversary of the death of the botanist William Henry Chapman who died on this day in 1970.
Chapman was an American botanist, and his area of specialty was pomology or fruit.
As a professor, Chapman taught at Cornell and later at UC Berkeley and UC Davis, where he was the Dean of Agriculture. 
A Biographical Memoir of Chandler,  written by Jacob Biale, includes an excerpt from a 1941 speech given by Chandler, where he reflected on the merits of studying plants. He said, 

"The material we work with has character,"
"[Chandler believed that] trees and plants... exerted an influence on the behavior of the people who tended them."
Chandler wrote that,
"The emblem of my faith is the tree and its system of dormant buds. ... Because of this reserve of dormant buds, a tree is ... dependable in a destructive world. It can be broken into pieces... and will grow new parts to replace the lost ones.
"...The tree symbolizes my faith in humanity ... For I know, there are many dormant buds in human society also."

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William Henry Chapman
William Henry Chapman

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