Don Francisco de Paula Marin

Hawaii's Original Farmer

The first pineapple was planted in the kingdom of Hawaii by the Spaniard and botanist Don Francisco de Paula Marin. The Hawaiian word for pineapple translates to "foreign fruit."

By the time Marin was in his early twenties, he had already made his way to Honolulu, Hawaii. It would be his home for the rest of his life. Marin became a friend and advisor to King Kamehameha I, who consolidated all the Hawaiian Islands during his rule.
Marin served in the Kamehameha Dynasty in various capacities all through his life, but he is best remembered for his work in horticulture. Two years after planting the first pineapple, Marin planted the first Hawaiian vineyard using vines of the Mission grape. And, in 1817, with the approval of King Kamehameha, Marin planted the first coffee seeds in Hawaii.
Marin is remembered as Hawaii's Original Farmer.

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Don Francisco de Paula Marin
Don Francisco de Paula Marin

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