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November 24, 1966
On this day, the Arlington Heights Garden Club shared their Garden tips for the week in the Arlington Heights Herald.
Highlights include:

  • Soil is alive—teeming with life—tiny insects you can see, and billions of organisms not visible with the naked eye. If cared for properly, it grows and increases in value. (This advice was 40 years before Teaming with Microbes by Jeff Lowenfels)
  • Drooping (cut) roses can be revived by making a fresh cut 2 or 3 inches from the bottom of the stem, then placing in a tall container of very warm water until they perk up.
  • Suggested Houseplant: Shrimp Plant (Beloperone guttata or Justicia Brandegeana), a sturdy plant with shrimp-pink bracts overshadowing the delicate white flowers. (A native of Mexico, these plants can grow up to six feet tall. As houseplants, it is good to prune them back in the spring because the stems are brittle and tend to snap.)
  • Smooth leaf house plants benefit from a soap and water sponge bath on both sides of the leaf surface.

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Arlington Heights Garden Club
Arlington Heights Garden Club

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