Dame Barbara Hepworth

The Sculptor is The Landscape

Today is the birthday of the British sculptor Dame Barbara Hepworth.
Barbara drew inspiration from nature, the shoreline, and the landscape., she was one of the most influential figures in the creation of Abstract Art in Britain.
In 1949, Barbara left London went to St Ive's. For 26 years, she lived & worked at Trewyn studios, and she considered finding the studio 'a sort of magic.’ Barbara died in an accidental fire at her Trewyn Studios at the age of 72. She had been smoking in her bed. You can still see the scorch marks at Trewyn. A year after her death, her Trewyn studio became the Barbara Hepworth Museum. Following her wishes, both the Museum & Sculpture Garden opened to the public in 1976. People who visit the garden are stunned by the beauty, peace, and tranquility. Barbara would be pleased that people often describe Trewyn as a magical place. It’s a beautiful mix of art and nature. To see her working studio is absolutely incredible; it’s an extraordinary place.
It was Barbara Hepworth who famously said,

“I, the sculptor, am the landscape.”
 “In the contemplation of nature, we are perpetually renewed.”

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Dame Barbara Hepworth
Dame Barbara Hepworth

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