The Pleasant Fruit

November 18, 1843 
Back in 1843, cranberries were causing a sensation in towns and cities around the country.
The New England Farmer shared a charming update on the demand for the seasonal fruit, saying:

"Cranberries. This pleasant fruit is now received in large quantities from the West. The crops in the East are… cut off in a great measure by frost; doubt Michigan cranberries will be eaten in the very headquarters of cranberries: Barnstable, Massachusetts.
We had no idea, until today, of the quantity sold in this city. But within a few days, one house on Front street sold 250 barrels of cranberries from Michigan, at $6 - $6.50 per barrel. [The demand is] more than they can supply.

Of the same lot, 300 barrels, went over the western railroad to Boston, and were there sold as soon as received."

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