Horace Hagedorn

Founder of Miracle-Gro

Today is the anniversary of the death of the founder of Miracle-Gro plant food Horace Hagedorn. Every year on November 15th, the Horace Hagedorn outstanding philanthropy award is given out on philanthropy day. Horace was a marketing genius and a philanthropist. A resident of Port Washington, Long Island, Horace and his wife Amy were esteemed for their charity. After Horace died, the Amy Hagedorn Foundation distributed close to 50 million dollars to more than 175 nonprofits.
Aligned with his enormous spirit of generosity, it was Horace Hagedorn who said,
“You can’t keep taking away from the Earth. You must give something back."

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Horace Hagedorn
Horace Hagedorn

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