Joan Miró

A Gardener or a WInegrower

Today is the birthday of the Spanish painter and artist Joan Miró
Born in Barcelona, Miró's surrealist art left a mark on the world.
Gardeners will especially enjoy his 1918 work called The Vegetable Garden with Donkey and his 1919 work called "Vines and Olive Trees."
Miró's biography was subtitled I Work Like a Gardener, and it captured his thoughts about his art and his work:

"More important than a work of art itself is what it will sow. Art can die; what matters is that it should have sown seeds on the earth… It must give birth to a world."

Miró recognized that sculpture was most at home in the natural world. Gardeners love to incorporate sculpture and art into the garden. Regarding sculpture, Miró said,

"Sculpture must stand in the open air, in the middle of nature."

And, it was Joan Miró who said,

"I think of my studio as a vegetable garden, where things follow their natural course. They grow, they ripen. You have to graft. You have to water... I work like a gardener or a winegrower."

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Joan Miró
Joan Miró

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