Cordelia Stanwood

Six Little Chickadees

The Bird Woman Of Ellsworth, Cordelia Stanwood, went into a swamp at twilight and reported,

"The black flies crawled over my face like so many bees. I could not stand still."

It was just one of many times Cordelia would find herself in an uncomfortable position for the sake of pursuing her passion for ornithology.  
Her photograph of the birds was handpicked by the great Edward Howe Forbush to be featured in his masterpiece Birds of Massachusetts. In general, her bird photography was par excellence.  
Cordelia's "Six Little Chickadees" is regarded as her finest piece.  The photo shows six Little Chickadees separated into two groups of three, and they're all sitting perched on the same little branch. Like a litter of puppies, each chickadee had its own characteristics - proving what Cordelia had already observed firsthand; that a single batch of chickadees contained many variances in the chicks in terms of size, features, etc.

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Cordelia Stanwood
Cordelia Stanwood

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