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July 17, 2019 Daylilies, John McMahan, Charles Theodore Mohr, George William Francis, Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe, Niels Mogens Bodecker, A Year in Trees by JC Raulston and Kim Tripp, Calendarize Garden Chores, and the Night-blooming Cereus

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Daylilies are in the genus Hemerocallis which has about 15 species of daylilies. They are not part of the Lilium genus, which is the genus for true lilies. The name Hemerocallis comes from the Greek words ἡμέρα (Hemera) “day” and καλός (Kalos) “beautiful.” In China, the daylily symbolizes motherhood. Their name alludes to the flowers, which typically last no more than 24 hours (about a day or so). Daylily flower stems are called “scapes,” and as one fades, the next…

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July 16, 2019 Tarragon, Camille Corot, Orville Redenbacher, Rachel Peden, Good Planting by Rosemary Verey, Blueberries, and Charles Clemon Deam

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Did you know Tarragon is an artemisia? Like all plants in the Artemisia genus, Tarragon is gray and silvery. Artemisia’s were sacred to Artemis, and there are over 180 species – all of them are ornamental, most are medicinal, and of course, a small few are culinary. Tarragon is quite a graceful plant when it is fully grown. Never demanding, Tarragon can stand some shade and a heavier soil. French tarragon has a subtler aroma and flavor compared to Russian…

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July 15, 2019 Bolting Cilantro, Inigo Jones, John Wilson, William Robinson, Almira Hart Phelps, Classic Garden Design by Rosemary Verey, Perennial Sweet Pea, and a Greenhouse Story

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Let’s start today off by talking briefly about bolting cilantro. Why does cilantro bolt, and how should you address it? You can help delay when cilantro bolts by planting it in part shade instead of full sun and keeping the plant cool and moist. Heat is a stressor and sensing its own mortality; cilantro will bolt quickly in hot weather. You can also buy a slow-bolt cilantro variety and harvest the leaves more often to keep the stalks under control.…

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