Andrea Brunsendorf’s on Containers for the Studio Garden at Longwood

Andrea Brunsendorf

“The mantra I followed while gathering from the surplus plants was looking for green — one of the most diverse, versatile, and beautiful colors in the plant kingdom.” August 2, 2020 A few days ago, Andrea Brunsendorf of Longwood Gardens wrote an excellent post about the little Studio Garden and the plants she used to create…

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August 2, 2020 How to Brighten Up the Garden with Hollyhocks, Thomas Gainsborough, Hawaii’s First Potato, John Bartram, Wallace Stevens, August Weather Folklore, How They Decorated by P. Gaye Tapp and Charlotte Moss, and Andrea Brunsendorf’s Container Recipe

20200101 The Daily Gardener Album Cover

Today we remember the master landscape and portrait painter who grew up with a magnificent mulberry tree. We learn about the planting of the first potato in Hawaii, and the discovery of a tree named for Benjamin Franklin. We also remember the poet who was inspired not by his day job at an insurance company,…

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