A Gardener’s Favorite: The Botany Poem by Berton Braley

Berton Braley

“There should be no monotony In studying your botany” American poet Berton Braley, published his light-hearted, clever poem, Botany, in the Science News Letter March 9, 1929  There should be no monotony In studying your botany, It helps to train And spur the brain– Unless you haven’t gotany. It teaches you, does Botany, To know…

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February 11, 2021 Gardening for Health, Margaret Cavendish Bentinck, Should Botany Be Taught In Schools, Saving the Sakura, Darwin’s Most Wonderful Plants by Ken Thompson, and Garden-Inspired Verses About Love

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Today we celebrate a woman who was insatiable when it came to plants, and she is remembered forever with the Portland Rose. We’ll also learn about a famous speech given at a Vermont botanical club about why botany wasn’t taught in schools – and the reasons were pretty spot on. We hear a story about…

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