April 6, 2021 The ‘Plant for Peace, Johann Zinn, California Poppy Day, North With the Spring, Happy Orchid by Sara Rittershausen, and the Florida botanist Alvan Chapman

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Hi there, and Welcome to the Daily Gardener – a show about gardening, botanical history, and literature. Today we celebrate the man who is remembered with the much-loved Zinnia We’ll also learn about the California Poppy and California Poppy Day, which is celebrated today. We hear one of my favorite passages about springtime. We Grow…

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Celebrating the California State Flower on Poppy Day

Eschscholzia californica

“In 1817, when the Rurik ended up in the San Francisco Bay area, the ship’s botanist Adelbert von Chamisso (“Sha-ME-So”) discovered the California poppy, which he named Eschscholzia californica after his friend Johanns Friedrich Von Eschscholz.” Every year since 2010, April 6th is California Poppy Day, celebrating the California State Flower. Poppy Day is celebrated…

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