Cornelius Herman (“Neil”) Muller

Cornelius Herman ("Neil") Muller

The Study of Allelopathy It’s the birthday of Cornelius Herman (“Neil”) Muller, the American botanist and ecologist, who was born on this day in 1909. Muller pioneered the study of allelopathy. Allelopathy occurs when one plant species release chemical compounds that affect another plant species. Most Gardeners know that black walnut is an example of…

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July 22, 2019 Drying Flowers, Asa Gray, Hugh Algernon Weddell, Cornelius Herman (“Neil”) Muller, Louise Klein Miller, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Secret Gardens of the Cotswolds by Victoria Summerley, Preparing a Spot for Flower Drying, and the San Jose scale

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Have you ever tried drying flowers? Successfully drying one of your favorite flowers is such a joy. Some flowers look even better when they are dried. There are many options for drying flowers; air drying is the simplest. Then, of course, there’s pressing. If you’ve never tried sand drying a bloom, you should give it…

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