Celebrating St George’s Day with Garden Poems about Bluebells

St George's Day

“Bluebells are reminders of the very origins of ‘spring,’ the great gush of life.” Today, April 23, is St George’s Day – the feast day of the patron saint of England, St. George.   Known as the dragon slayer, St. George was partial to the color blue, and he is remembered with the English bluebell…

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English Gardener and Writer Frances Perry and her Thoughts on Ferns

Fern Frond

“Sure enough, there was a baby fern growing inside. The spores can survive in their millions until conditions for growth are right.” April 21, 1985 On this day, the garden writer Frances Perry shared a charming article in her regular gardening column in The Observer about how to grow a fern spore. She wrote: My father-in-law,…

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Celebrating Garden Writer and Pioneering Journalist Anne Scott-James

Anne Scott James at her Aldworth home

“However small your garden, you must provide for two of the serious gardener’s necessities: a tool shed and a compost heap.” April 5, 1913 Today is the birthday of one of Britain’s pioneering female journalists and a marvelous garden author, Anne Scott-James. In 1934, Anne started as a secretary at Vogue before rising through the…

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