Remembering American Philanthropist and Gardener Harriet Barnes Pratt

Mrs. Pratt speaking at the dedication of the Harding Laboratory at the New York Botanical Garden on Oct. 24, 1956

“Harriet is remembered for coming up with the idea for Gardens on Parade – a half-acre, stunning display during the 1939 World’s Fair.” On this day, March 18th, 1969, the philanthropist and gardener Harriet Barnes Pratt died.   Harriet had married Harold Irving Pratt, the youngest son of the Pratt Institute’s founder and a founder…

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The Gardener-Inspired Jumpin Jack Flash: Music for Your Garden Playlist

Room overlooking a Garden

“One morning, they were awakened by Keith’s gardener, Jack Dyer, working outside beneath their window.” June 18, 1968 On this day, the Rolling Stones had a number one single: Jumpin Jack Flash. Keith Richards said that he and Mick Jagger wrote Jumpin Jack Flash after staying at his house. One morning, they were awakened by…

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Remembering Birkenhead Park Superintendent and Garden Designer Edward Kemp

Edward Kemp - Birkenhead Park Superintendent

“The fluttering testimonials which he has received… will be sufficient to ensure… a large and liberal patronage.” August 6, 1847 On this day, Edward Kemp, the landscape gardener and architect at Birkenhead, placed an ad in the Liverpool Mercury. Edward offered his services as a gardener. [Edward Kemp] begs to offer his services to the Noblemen…

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