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May 29, 2019 Sun Traps, John Barrymore, Joyce Winifred Vickery, Alfonsina Storni, Mirabel Osler, Succession Seed Annual Flowers, and the Wedding of Townsend and Kate Brandegee

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Do you have a little sun trap in your garden?   The perfect spot for an afternoon of lounging while reading your favorite book?   The definition of the sun trap is a small partially-enclosed outdoor space which receives a disproportionate amount of sunlight due to favorable conditions.  Think of south facing areas of your garden,…

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Kate Brandegee

Kate Brandegee courtesy the Hunt Institute

The Walking Botanist The third woman to enroll at Berkeley’s medical school and the second woman to be professionally employed as a botanist in the US, the intrepid Kate Brandegee died on April 3, 1920.   After getting her MD at Berkeley, she found starting a practice too daunting. Thankfully, Kate’s passion for botany was…

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