The Naming of Plants

by Linda Leinen The naming of plants? It really does matter. It isn’t correct to think all are the same. You may think at first I’m indulging in patter, but I tell you — a plant must have four different names! First comes the name that tells us its genus — Gaillardia, Solanum, Ilex or…

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May 24, 2019 Gardeners and Weeds, Ynes Mexia, Queen Victoria, Frank Cabot, Les Quatre Vents, Linda Leinen, The Naming of Plants, Anna Pavord, The Naming of Names, Photo Friday in the Garden, and Ynes Mexia’s Exploits in Mexico and South America

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Emerson once wrote, “To science there is no poison; To botany no weed; To chemistry no dirt.” As much as I like this quote, I know most gardeners will beg to differ. To gardeners, there are weeds. As I mentioned in an earlier episode this month, we often forget one key variable in gardening; the…

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