April 19, 2019 Signature Plant, National Garlic Day, Gilroy Garlic Festival, E. Lucy Braun, Gilbert White, Primrose Day, Nancy Cardozo, Fiona Davison, Photo Friday, and Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli 

20200101 The Daily Gardener Album Cover

Does your garden have a signature plant? If you can’t decide, maybe it’s time to let your garden do the talking. Complete the following sentence: My garden has the perfect spot to grow…. (fill in the blank). For instance, you may have the perfect spot to grow anemone. I remember going to my friend Carmen’s…

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Primroses and Prayers

Nancy Cardozo

by Nancy Cardozo This is a primrose morning, The wind has put up her hair; The bells, hung in my cherry tree, are still – No birds feast there. I walked up the noon hill, Saddest of prim things. I met a fair child selling  bunches of butterfly wings. I gave him a painted ball…

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