October 23, 2019 An Inspiring Home Landscape by a Forest, Budburst.org, Ludwig Leichhardt, Annie Lorrain Smith, François-André Michaux, Bonnie Templeton, Neltje Blanchan, New Vegetable Garden Techniques by Joyce Russell, Harvesting Black Walnuts, and Ernest Thompson Seton

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Today we celebrate the young botanist who disappeared in Australia 171 years ago and the pioneering female lichenologist who worked for the British Museum but was never officially on the payroll. We’ll learn about the French botanist who had a life-long love affair with the trees of North America and the Los Angeles woman who…

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Can Words Describe the Fragrance

Spring Arbutus

by Neltje Blanchan Can words describe the fragrance of the very breath of spring – that delicious commingling of the perfume of arbutus, the odor of pines, and the snow – soaked soil just warming into life.     Note: Today is the birthday of the nature writer and poet Neltje Blanchan, who was born…

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Long After Their Associates Have Gone Southward

by Neltje Blanchan Long after their associates have gone southward, they linger like the last leaves on the tree.   It is indeed “good-bye to summer” when the bluebirds withdraw their touch of brightness from the dreary November landscape at the north to whirl through the southern woods and feed on the waxy berries of the…

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