October 3, 2022 Otto Jennings, Lewis Gannett, Sergei Yesenin, Thomas Wolfe, Successfully Grow & Garden Citrus Fruit Trees Using Pots and Containers by Madison Pierce, and Philippa Foot

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November 5, 2020 Humphrey Marshall, the Chrysanthemum, John Redfield, Henry Rollins, The New Southern Garden Cookbook by Sheri Castle, and the Vancouver Chinese Garden Otter

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Today we celebrate the man remembered as the “Father of American Dendrology” (the study of woody plants, trees, and shrubs). We’ll also learn about the November birth flower, which was celebrated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on this day in 1883. We also recognize the botanist, who was Philadelphia’s botany man during the 1800s. We hear some…

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The First-Ever Southeastern Plant Symposium

Southeastern Plant Symposium

“Mark Weathington and Tony Avent launched the event in Raleigh. They talked about cutting-edge plants, new gardening trends, and new selections that reinvent how we think about gardening.” June 7, 2019 On this day, the first-ever Southeastern Plant Symposium was held in North Carolina. Mark Weathington and Tony Avent launched the event in Raleigh. They…

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