Remembering Jim Zampini and the Art and Joy of Growing Crab Apples

Nurseryman Jim Zampini

“If you want to plant a mini-orchard of Crabapple trees, space the saplings 6 to 15 feet apart. Group them on the closer end of that range if you are planting dwarf or more upright varieties.” April 14, 2017 On this day, the Beijing Crabapple Conference began.   Visitors toured the Crabapple Garden during the…

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November 27, 2020 Plant Seed Spacing, Albert Etter, Karl Foerster, Phebe Ann Holder, The Vegetable Garden Cookbook by Tobias Rauschenberger and Oliver Brachat, and the Bicentenary at Kew

20200101 The Daily Gardener Album Cover

Today we celebrate a one of a kind American plantsman and breeder who gave us the red-fleshed Pink Pearl apple. We’ll also learn about the German nurseryman and breeder who we know from a ubiquitous feather-reed grass. We’ll hear some lovely botanical poems from a New England poet. We Grow That Garden Library™ with a…

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