Celebrating Basil with a Modern Ode for Gardeners


“Basil, sweet basil, you are a true summer treat. Straight from the plant is the only way to eat your tender green leaves on Caprese salad or penne, the uses for you are vast – they are many.” July 6, 2015  On this day, Leah Raup, over at the unboredhousewife.com, wrote an ode to Basil.…

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Dunk and Crumble’s Tarragon and Cashew Pesto


“Purée parsley, tarragon, nuts, lemon and lemon juice, lemon herbs, and garlic in a food processor. Add the olive oil, vinegar, and a bit of salt and pepper, and blend until a coarse paste forms. Add a few tablespoons of warm water to thin the sauce to the desired consistency and adjust the seasoning to…

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