Remembering Jim Zampini and the Art and Joy of Growing Crab Apples

Nurseryman Jim Zampini

“If you want to plant a mini-orchard of Crabapple trees, space the saplings 6 to 15 feet apart. Group them on the closer end of that range if you are planting dwarf or more upright varieties.” April 14, 2017 On this day, the Beijing Crabapple Conference began.   Visitors toured the Crabapple Garden during the…

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The Many Moods of Darwin Revealed Through His Letters

Charles Darwin 1868

“At present, I care for nothing in this wide world except the biology of seedling plants.” May 7, 1855 On this day, Darwin wrote to William Darwin Fox: I am rather low today about all my experiments — everything has been going wrong — the fan-tails have picked the feathers out of the Pouters in…

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Reverend Engleheart: A Pastor with a Passion for Daffodils

White Lady Daffodil

“Great Daffodils like ‘Beersheba, ‘Lucifer, or ‘White Lady… are his floral legacy.” April 25, 1851 On this day, Daffodil breeder Reverend George Herbert Engleheart was born. George’s work with Daffodils was prolific and he produced over 700 varieties in his lifetime.   Fans of great Daffodils like ‘Beersheba,’ ‘Lucifer,’ or ‘White Lady,’ owe a debt…

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