A Humorous Story Featuring Horticulture Teacher Louise Klein Miller

Louise Klein Miller

“Louise had been telling a crowd of pupils about the different insects that attack plants and warned them especially against the malevolent San Jose scale.” July 22, 1938 On this day,  the St. Cloud Times ran a story about a horticulturist named Louise Klein Miller. Louise, at the age of 84, was retiring as supervisor…

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The Rhodum Sidus: A Charming Tale of Taxonomy and Plant Humor

Rhodum Sidus

“An amusing story… describes how a country nurseryman made a large sum out of sales of a simple little flower that he sold under the name of Rhodum sidus.” September 20, 1910 On this day, The Rutland Daily Herald out of Vermont shared this utterly charming story about a little-known flower called the Rhodum sidus: …

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Remembering Botanist Katherine Esau and her Fables

Katherine Esau

“Katherine once gave a lecture titled ‘The Saga of Vladimir-the-Virus and the Sad Fate of Norman-the-Nucleus.'” June 4, 1997 On this day, the German-American botanist Katherine Esau died. She received the National Medal of Science for her outstanding work on plant anatomy.   When researching Katherine Esau, I discovered she was born in Ekaterinoslav, Ukraine.…

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A Halloween Joke for Gardeners

BLT Sandwich

What do you call it when a lighthouse, a trellis, a windstorm, a dune, and a Halloween costume get together?    A beacon, lattice, and tornado sand witch. This post was featured onThe Daily Gardener podcast: helping gardeners find their roots, one story at a time BLT Sandwich

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