A Robert Frost Poem for Gardeners: Lodged

Umbels bending in the storm

“In six little lines, Robert connects himself to the flowers in the flowerbed. Pelted by the wind and rain, the flowers manage to survive.” March 26, 1874 Today is the birthday of the American poet and Poet Laureate Robert Frost. Here’s a short, sweet poem (and a gardener favorite) by Robert Frost called ‘Lodged.’ In…

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A Gardener’s Favorite: The Botany Poem by Berton Braley

Berton Braley

“There should be no monotony In studying your botany” American poet Berton Braley, published his light-hearted, clever poem, Botany, in the Science News Letter March 9, 1929  There should be no monotony In studying your botany, It helps to train And spur the brain– Unless you haven’t gotany. It teaches you, does Botany, To know…

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