March 16, 2021 Rewilding Your Land, Anna Atkins, Martinus Beijerinck (“By-a-rink”), Constance Spry during WWII, Garden Design Master Class by Carl Dellatore, and the Legend of the Trailing Arbutus

20200101 The Daily Gardener Album Cover

Today we celebrate a woman who made botanical art through her pioneering photography. We’ll also learn about a man who discovered something new and gave it a name that we are all too familiar with today: the virus. We hear an excerpt from a book about one of the world’s top floral designers and gardeners…

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How the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair Started the State Flowers Trend

Purple Violets

“After the World’s Fair, states began adopting floral emblems. Some states acted quickly, and others took their time.” May 1, 1893 On this day, the Chicago World’s Fair opened and drew more than 27 million visitors.   The 1893 Chicago World’s Fair developed the concept of the state flower.   At the World’s Fair, each…

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