January 25, 2021 How to Grow Chillies, Robert Burns, the Star of Bethlehem Orchid, the Vegetable History of Neeps and Tatties, Botanica Magnifica by Jonathan Singer, and the Garden’s Three R’s of Renovation

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Today we celebrate a poet who loved flowers and became the beloved poet-son of a country that celebrates him still today. We’ll also learn about an orchid that inspired a fabled true story about Charles Darwin. We’ll hear about some fascinating vegetable history that is celebrated every year on this day. We Grow That Garden…

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1998 Hydrangea Fest Cancelled


On this day in 1998, the province out of Vancouver, British Columbia, shared an article written by Peter Clough that caught my attention. The title was called Hydrangea Fest Yanked by Roots and began with the sentence, It’s a blooming shame. Here’s what it said: Saturday was supposed to be the inaugural Surrey White Rock Hydrangea…

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