The Death of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

In researching Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, I learned that the spring before he died, Arthur was bedridden. 

However, one morning, unattended, Arthur got up and managed to go out to the garden. His family found him lying on the ground with one hand clutching his heart and the other holding a single white snowdrop. Arthur languished until July 7, 1930, when he passed away with his family at his bedside. Arthur's last words were to his wife. Arthur whispered,

"You are wonderful."

Newspaper accounts shared that, on a beautiful summer day, Arthur was buried in the garden where he had been so much at home - next to his garden hut, which was erected for him as a writing room.

Over 200 people attended the funeral. So many wreaths were sent from all over the world that they were spread over the large paddock west of the home, covering an acre of land with blooms.

When Arthur's coffin had been placed in the grave,

"Lady Doyle kissed a rose and threw it in."

Lady Jean Conan Doyle continued to live at Windlesham until her death on 27th June 1940. She was buried next to Sir Arthur.

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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