The Mystery of August Wilhelm Eichler

While researching August Wilhelm Eichler, I ended up on the Berlin Botanic Garden website.
Eichler was the director of the Botanic Garden from 1879 to 1887. In one of their annual reports, they shared this interesting tidbit regarding the Eichler tenure in Berlin:
"This was an eventful time, with world’s fairs, the invention of electricity, and rapid industrialization. There is no question that the director of a botanic garden would have been preoccupied by such innovations, but a recent find has provided us with absolute proof that this was so. In the attic of a residential building that almost certainly once belonged to the Eichler family, a box of handwritten papers, galley proofs, herbarium material and correspondence was found... This legacy is currently being catalogued by Peter Hirsch."

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August Wilhelm Eichler
August Wilhelm Eichler

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