The Sauriol Diaries

Here’s a sweet diary entry for today by Canadian Naturalist Charles Joseph Sauriol(“Sar-ee-all”) from 1938 shared by the Toronto Archives on their fabulous twitter feed - which is a wonderful thing to follow:  
"There are five frames in all, three are for herbs, the other two are for Wild Flower seeding. The frames are 3 feet by 3 feet… In each section, and prior to planting I can duplicate the exact growing conditions of the subject.....It will be quite possible to fill the spaces with soil, moss, bog, etc., taken from locations where the plants to be seeded are now growing or have been known to grow. Thus, a few frames can represent a whole Wild Flower garden in seed."#Saurioldiaries"

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Charles J. Sauriol
Charles J. Sauriol

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