Thomas Harbison: Botanist and Sprinter

When I was researching Thomas Harbison, I came across some beautiful newspaper accounts of summer parties held for the staff - including the nurserymen and landscape department - at Biltmore.
Here's one from the 4th of July, 1900.
The athletic sports for the employees of the Biltmore estate yesterday afternoon were greatly enjoyed, though the contestants were under a disadvantage owing to the hot weather.
The result of the events and the prizes were as follows:
100 yards dash Won by T. G. Harbison, $2; 2d, Hal. Lipe, $1.
Tug of war Won by landscape department team, trophy and $1 each man.
Broad jump Won by A. T. Davidson, $3, 2d, T. G. Harbison, $1
Running high Jump Won by J. W. Young, $2; 2d, T. G. Harbison, $1.
That was a total of $5 in winnings for Thomas Harbison.

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Thomas Grant Harbison
Thomas Grant Harbison

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