The Beauty of Spring Bulbs

by Katharine S. White

I shall never desert the bulbs, though, and last winter, I think I got more pleasure from a pot of February Gold daffodils than from anything else I raised unless it was my pots of freesias.

February Gold, which is a medium-small, all-yellow narcissus of the cyclamen type, for me proved to be January Gold; it opened its first flowers on New Year’s Day. That was the miracle.

There is no trick to growing it in pots if one has a cool cellar, and Wayside Gardens, where I got my bulbs, says it can also be grown in bowls, like the paper-whites.

— Katharine S. White, gardener and garden writer, Onward and Upward in the Garden


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The Beauty of Spring Bulbs
The Beauty of Spring Bulbs

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