Winter Evenings

by Bernard Barton

The summer is over,
The autumn is passed,
Dark clouds over us hover,
Loud whistles the blast ;
But clouds cannot darken,
nor tempest destroy
The soul's sweetest sunshine,
the heart's purest joy.
Our path is no bright one,
From morning till eve ;
Our task is no light one,
Till day takes its leave :
We'll turn to the pages
Of history's lore ;
Of bards and of sages
The beauties explore :
And share o'er the records we love to unroll
The "feast of the reason and flow of the soul."





Today is the birthday of the prolific English Quaker poet Bernard Barton who was born on January 31, 1784.

One of Barton’s most famous poems is this one - it heralds the spring Crocus. 



As featured on
The Daily Gardener podcast:

Words inspired by the garden are the sweetest, most beautiful words of all.
Winter Evenings

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