Yogi Yogananda and Luther Burbank

An American Saint

#OTD Luther Burbank died today in 1926 (Books By This Author). His friend, Yogi Yogananda, wrote Autobiography of a Yogi - a book many people find inspiring, including Andrew Weil, George Harrison, and Steve Jobs - who read it annually.

Yogananda later dedicated the entire book to "Luther Burbank, an American Saint," and he wrote about Luther's death, saying:

"In tears, I thought,

'Oh, I would gladly walk all the way from here to Santa Rosa for one more glimpse of him! Locking myself away from secretaries and visitors, I spent the next twenty-four hours in seclusion.'"

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Yogi Yogananda
Yogi Yogananda
Luther Burbank
Luther Burbank

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