By Almira Hart Lincoln Phelps

Phelps wrote about nature, and her textbook, Familiar Lectures on Botany, was first published in 1829. Phelps taught at Amherst Academy, and her textbook was undoubtedly known and used by Emily Dickinson, who was a student there. The following quotes show us that she was hip to the idea of mindfulness over 200 years ago. Here's what she wrote:

"So, in the physical world mankind are prone to seek an explanation of uncommon phenomena only, while the ordinary changes of nature, which are in themselves equally wonderful, are disregarded."


"How often are the beauties of nature unheeded by man, who, musing on past ills, brooding over the possible calamities of the future, building castles in the air, or wrapped up in his own self-love and self-importance, forgets to look abroad, or looks with a vacant stare."


"Each opening bud, and care-perfected seed, Is as a page, where we may read of God."    

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Words inspired by the garden are the sweetest, most beautiful words of all.
Almira Hart Lincoln Phelps
Almira Hart Lincoln Phelps